Dreary Month

This Month, and most of last month has been a disappointment.  At my main job, I've had my responsibilities slowly taken away one by one over the last year.  That came to a head, and each day I sit at my desk having my creativity sucked out of me looking for just one thing to do.  I went to my manager, and I went to HR last week and I asked if I could be laid off.  They have no intention of doing that, so I'm being paid my full wage to sit there and essentially do nothing.  One might think that is the greatest thing in the world, but, we all have finite amounts of time on this grand blue sphere and not using that time is incredibly draining to me.  I'd much rather be out exploring Ontario, or even Canada.  So,  I will soon have to make a difficult decision,  to quit or to continue to 'work' hoping they hand me some new responsibilities soon.  To cap things off, the last few weeks of the month have been dreary, rainy, and in many northern communities floody.  The picture above was taken at the Minden wild water preserve.  During the summer, you can walk out on those rocks which are now quite underwater.  Minden itself, as I drove around, is quite under water, as is Kinmount.  The rain has settled for now, but as of today, it is snowing.  I've been collecting little bits of footage here and there, but I'm afraid there's not going to be a monthly shoot.  June, I have the first week off to help my parents move, but hopefully I'll have some real time to put together another video.