Range Extension in the works

My parents are soon moving out of their home in the City of the Kawartha Lakes.  This means that my 'base camp' for adventuring in that area is going away.  I had bought an old pop-up camper trailer frame last year which I spent many hours removing rust, and unneeded or broken parts from.  I redid the bearings, replaced one of the tires and got it generally up to par with something that is usable.  I was planning to make this into a mini camper that I could tow whenever I went out for a long expedition, somewhere I could have shelter and limited power to allow me to edit and backup my photos.  I was storing this at my parent's house, since I live in an apartment and that wouldn't work out very well in Toronto besides.  Now that they are moving, I had to push plans forward.  Over the Easter weekend, I bought the basic materials to get the floor on and get it legal for the road.  This coming weekend I need to test the lights and then see about getting it to a staging point while their house sells.  It will eventually be moved to their new place, over four hours north of Toronto.  It has been a major learning experience, but I am fairly happy with the results considering it was built without a plan and nothing more than a basic image in my head.  Figuring everything out happened on the fly, which is a skill I seem to have come by naturally.  This weekend coming up, I have to work on Sunday morning but hopefully I'll be able to get something for North Evergreen Monthly and compile that before May 1st.