First Thunderstorm - Omemee Area 2017

I was tooling around looking for photos, just finished a hike with my mom in Fleetwood creek conservation area.  This is the edge of spring, so anything can and will happen with the weather.  Just a few days ago there was blizzard here, and today it was 21°c.   As we were coming back, we saw dark clouds looming on the horizon, and the temperature started to drop sharply, accompanied by high winds.  We decided to head up the road past the windmills, and saw the darkness looming.  It reminded me of every storm chaser's video I'd ever seen, the wind was sucking towards the storm at such a high velocity I felt like if I made wrong move I would be lifted into the air.  We watched the horizon for clouds reaching down, but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) nothing ever happened.   It did rain though, and boy did it rain,  it was like a fire hose was spraying down out of the sky.  Guess I can skip the car wash on the way home though!