Pre-Moving weekend

This weekend, I'm sure many a Canadian Photographer is out there taking amazing images, but I'm assisting my parents moving their life up north.  It is a beautiful place they are moving to, and it will serve me well also as a base camp on weekends that I can use to range around Algonquin park and other nearby areas.  The ruggedness of the Canadian shield is very present and will provide me many opportunities.  Alas, it is black fly season as you can see we've collected a few at this roadside stop where we paused to check our load and have a quick lunch.  

Once the move is complete, the first full week of June I will be spending some time there, assisting with the remainder of the move.  I will very much be getting Monthly episode 2 filmed there.  The Bonnechere caves are a possible destination, or perhaps I will find some waterfall or stream that strikes my fancy if it is too busy there.