I've been on hiatus for a while.  Adjusting to my new existence.  I've finally gotten Episode 2 done, and I really think I need to work on re-evaluating the format. Episode 2 is 45 minutes long (ish) which is I think far too long, and not too interesting.  I'm still going to publish it once I get back to Toronto, but, I think smaller installments might be best.  This time around I've basically lumped in two months worth of activities. I don't really plan out each episode either, I just record what I can and try to smash it together afterwards. I need to come up with a format that is comfortable, easy to do, and quick to finish so you might see me waffling around with various bits before I finally settle, all part of the learning process I guess.  This is Canada Day long weekend, and I've been exploring around my parent's new place.  There's plenty of interesting places to explore, but getting to know these places from a photographic perspective will need to happen before I can feel comfortable doing any sort of video past what I've already done.  I also need to explore a bit closer to home, since the 3-4 hour drive both ways isn't something I can undertake as lightly as the 1-1.5 hour drive to my previous 'base-camp' in Lindsay.  I have several side projects ongoing right now as well, such as getting my quad-copter working again, and finishing the trailer.  These things keep my mind focused away from the site, and video production.  I also have to get some fairly expensive dental work done which is going to limit my funds a bit for the time being.  All in all, I think this is still an ongoing project and will be refined, as previously stated on a grand scale.  I learn best by 'doing' but tend to think things through quite a bit before acting as well, and these two methods don't usually sit well with each other, balance will be acheived eventually, either by perserverance or direct force.