I got LOST at Nottawasaga Bluffs!

Trying to switch up the format a little bit.  And yes, I was down right lost.  I spent probably thirty minutes walking in circles between those rock walls wondering how I even got down there let alone how to get out.  In the winter, the geometric shapes of the rock and the snow works as quite effective natural camouflage.  move your head to one side or the other and pathways appear and disappear.  I was finally able to get out by checking my compass bearing (because my GPS wasn't able to get a reliable signal) and then follow the wall closest to where I had parked the car, eventually I found a small cave with a trail marker indicating.. well, I guess you'll have the watch the video!

Unfortunately for me, I woke up this morning with no voice and my throat feeling like it was made out of rusty razor blades.  I guzzled some vitamins, took some Neocitran and passed out half the day (after reporting a sick day at work - of course).  I feel a bit better now, drinking lots of fluids and hopefully will be back down town in the dark, gray, boring city once again.  Assuming I'm able to walk upright again by the weekend I expect to be on the road again, if I don't go back to the bluffs again, I expect to visit some of the areas around there.  The photos I took there are unfortunately soft or blurred, because I miscalculated my focal length and didn't have my shutter speed quite fast enough.  I was just so enthralled by the formations in the rocks and the ice that I lost all of my concentration and was just shooting like a madman.  Part of the reason I scout these areas is, to find great places, and second of all, so I can go there with familiarity and purpose next time I go!