Building a Backup #2

The second installment,  I unbox nearly everything needed for my NAS build.  Hopefully the editing is a bit better this time.  I have more footage for this little project so keep your eyes peeled next weekend.  I'm trying to draw it out a little bit, since I'm still waiting on the final parts!

Today, I went to Nottawasaga Bluffs conservation area, and recorded a lot.  I had wanted to go to Niagara falls, but I'm glad I decided against it.  It was warm today, six degrees at the peak, and I got a good workout with my cleats on, which kept me 'mostly' upright and not sliding down a crevasse.  yes, there's a crevasse - one I had all to myself!  I guess no one else brought proper footwear, or maybe just because I arrived by 6:30 am.