Turkey Tuesday


Well, I suppose, more like Monday.  Back at the old cabin for three and a half days.  I finally, Finally got the window of opportunity to take star shots, and of course I didn't record it.  I had dew issues, and it came down to wiping the lens off with my shirt, but I got some spectacular shots on one or two minute exposures with my Sigma 17mm.  I also went of a bit of a solo adventure to the far side of a local lake in hopes of catching a sun rise, but the weather did not cooperate.  It was a good scouting mission however, and the following day my parents and I explored some back woods trails and discovered an oasis of stunning hidden cliffs and a massive two tier beaver pond.  I most likely won't be up in this area again until December, but I'd like to revisit some of these locations with snowshoes, I expect the hard work will be well rewarded.