I can just take photos with my phone, why should I hire a Photographer?

These days, it seems like every new device comes with an excellent camera.  So why bother hiring a photographer when you can do it yourself?  There are a few reasons, professional photographers will have a range of lenses for their camera that will cover multiple focal ranges.  This allows them to get more, or less, of the scene into one shot.  A professional also knows how to use angles, lighting, and colour to get the best possible picture of the property. 

Why don't you use a drone?

Drone photography has taken the market by storm, but there are a few legal issues imposed by the government of Canada and Transport Canada that make it difficult to use legally.  A drone or multi rotor can be used for recreational purposes as long as safety guidelines are respected.  As soon as you attempt to profit from the use of a recreational drone in a built up area, it changes classification from a Model Aircraft, to a UAV.  When flying an aircraft designated as a UAV,  you are legally required to apply an SFOC before every flight.  Each application needs to be reviewed and approved, and this can take up to twenty business days, delaying the process of getting your photos.  Of course, one could ignore these regulations but for me, it isn't worth the risk.  In the future I may offer this service, since there is a chance of getting an 'Open SFOC' after many successful flights, but in general you must provide two full business days notice to Transport Canada in order to fly even with the Open, or Blanket certificate. (See additional regulations at the Transport Canada Website)