First Thunderstorm - Omemee Area 2017

I was tooling around looking for photos, just finished a hike with my mom in Fleetwood creek conservation area.  This is the edge of spring, so anything can and will happen with the weather.  Just a few days ago there was blizzard here, and today it was 21°c.   As we were coming back, we saw dark clouds looming on the horizon, and the temperature started to drop sharply, accompanied by high winds.  We decided to head up the road past the windmills, and saw the darkness looming.  It reminded me of every storm chaser's video I'd ever seen, the wind was sucking towards the storm at such a high velocity I felt like if I made wrong move I would be lifted into the air.  We watched the horizon for clouds reaching down, but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) nothing ever happened.   It did rain though, and boy did it rain,  it was like a fire hose was spraying down out of the sky.  Guess I can skip the car wash on the way home though!

North Evergreen Monthly #1

Now on YouTube.  I learned quite a bit about video making, got lots of footage and hopefully put together a video that is enjoyable if not very educational.  There was some planning that I missed and hopefully my mistakes can be your lesson.   I also got massively Ill after doing this shoot, and the video I took in the day after - winter's last hurrah and I guess I had a bit of bronchitis just waiting for a chance to leap forward.  The -15C weather along with the wind was all it took to put me under for a week.  Hopefully it was all worth it!

North Evergreen Monthly

I had mentioned before that I wanted to do something with YouTube, and I've been working on getting lots of B-Roll and video footage.  I'm not sure exactly what form it will take, but I have done little Vlog type segments as I do photography related work.  The idea is to merge all these segments together into a unified whole that makes sense.  This weekend I went back to Ken Reid park, did some night shooting at Windy Ridges and spent some time roaming around the Peterborough area.

Another Weekend Working

This weekend will be sparse.  I'm working for my 'real' job, long hours and strange hours this weekend.  But hey, here's my cat.  You can look at that if you're bored.  This was taken with the camera of my new google pixel, on full auto just for giggles.  Have a great weekend!

Fruitless Weekend

I didn't get out much this weekend, but saw this result of the strange spring like weather we've been having along the highway on the way to deliver some canning equipment to a family acquaintance for my parents.  I imagine there's going to be few months like this while I continue to assist my parents preparing for their retirement and downsizing to move to their new home.  I myself am downsizing since I'm seeing more and more that living in Toronto just isn't for me.

I am not Thomas Heaton



I had some time today to get a bit of photography in.  I had planned to do a Youtube Video and found out that preparation is key.  Lessons learned - The Lumia 950 shoots great video, but for some reason it leaves its internal Mics on when you attach an external mic, making your audio sound like you spoke into an old steel tube the whole time.  Second of all, it doesn't seem to like shooting video mounted from my window, and shuts off after a few seconds.  Good news is, the little Akasso action cam I bought shoots awesome video and is pretty darned reliable.  So I guess I need to do some more test runs before I can get something up, or maybe I can salvage some of the footage I have to make a short.  I'll have to do Voiceover most likely since all my Cell Phone audio is shot.  A real shame that I didn't get to hear the audio from my Rhode Mic.

Back in the Kawartha Lakes


The best camera is the one you have, I had left my gear at my parent's place since the drive home last week was a bit crazy with the snow storm.  This shot is just a quick pull-over on the side of the highway as I saw the sun rising through the ice mist on what is supposed to be the hottest day this winter.  The Lumia 950 has a great camera, but unfortunately It just doesn't have the huge sensor a real DSLR has.  Hindsight is 20-20, I let the phone handle the shot in auto mode because I wanted to do HDR, but the results weren't worth it.  Still, it is not a bad photo considering the lack of planning.  I had hoped to start doing some content for Youtube this weekend, but it appears I need to help my parents move things into storage in preparation for them to sell their house.  This is a long weekend, so hopefully there will be some snow left on monday, and hopefully on monday I can take a break and get some shots with my 6D.

Ebay is the best!

12-24 on the cheap!

12-24 on the cheap!

This just showed up at my "Real Job".  Special thanks to Canada Post for marking a shipment 'delivered' and then actually delivering it a full two business days afterwards.  With this Sigma 12-24 which is previously loved, I have all the gear I need to really get into real estate photography.  Checking the local going rates for Pro Photogs doing the same thing around Toronto I see that there's not a whole pile of money in it.  I'm hoping to focus on properties in rural areas, and even northern ontario where I have not been able to find many, if any, working.  On the side, I'll be exposed to many great landscapes in the area to increase my portfolio.  

Light Boxes and EBay

I don't think any Spartans would actually wear these..

I don't think any Spartans would actually wear these..

This was my first time trying to shoot 'product' style images and it was a great learning experience.  Some of my photos were pretty good (if I do say so myself)  others, not so much.  Coins on a flat surface coming in at an angle through the light box don't really work.  I think if I do coins again I'll have to come up with some other method, like a stand or something.  Still, should be good enough for EBay.  Since I'm selling these odds and ends on there for them and I'm not experienced at it, hopefully I don't end up getting scammed or something.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

On the road again

Didn't see much of this guy today!

Didn't see much of this guy today!

Today I'm in Lindsay Ontario with my parents who are in the midst of downsizing in preparation to move to their new 'forever home' in Northern Southern Ontario.  I will be taking a few shots with my light box and helping them sell some of the smaller items on EBay that might benefit from a larger audience.  Last night's drive was a bit fun, due to the 10cm of snow that dumped in the period of 3-4 hours, but thankfully my Subaru handled it all like a champ.  As I build this online presence there will be more content and options coming around on a weekly, and maybe even daily basis, so watch this space for updates!