Life in General.

I have some news.  I can't talk about it now, however, I wanted to do a quick update in non-related regards.

I have been working on a construction project, for the last year.  This was initially intended to get me into a position where I had a place to sleep and park once I found a good spot for landscape photography.  It is nearly complete, and unfortunately I'll have to pause that for now due to financial issues.

I'll be frank, I have not properly promoted this 'side venture' and therefore it hasn't brought me a single penny, in fact, it has costed me around $4000 at this point in time.  I may need to shut it down while I go through some life stuff, and re-evaluate what I'm doing.  or I may decide to go all-in and risk it all.  As I mentioned before, I have not put enough work into it.  I don't really have an outline of what I want to do with it, what services I want to do, I had the Naive thought that my photos would stand on their own, but the fact is, nothing does.  You need to elbow grease the heck out of it, print them out, show them at markets, get social media acceptance and range.  As a person who does not like lots of attention, this is an extra hurdle.  I expect you'll be hearing more from me in the next few days.