Building a Backup #4

This is mostly it.  I skipped most of the operating system install, because quite frankly it was pretty anti-climactic.  It 'just works' with a few small caveats, but not enough to really build a whole video on.  This one is the 12v power supply install and test.  I have to say, I edited the video off of the NAS on 12v this time around, and it seems.. stable, up to a point.  I have a feeling the '160W' power supply isn't actually up to the task, I think it is quite closer to 90W instead but I don't really have a way of testing that at the moment.  I am not able to use the 'wireless solution' I describe in the video, since it seems to pull just a little too much power, so I'll need to figgure out further energy saving measures.  Since the fuses in my extension cable are only 5A and don't blow, it must be a limitation of that 160w Power supply.  

I will be heading north again, so I probably won't be posting much more than a blog update next weekend.