On the Road Again

furnace falls 4.jpg

I have one week off now.  Fall has definitely started, as I took this picture at Furnace Falls on my way north the time was around 7:00 AM and the temperature was only 4C.  This time of year, trees start to change, yet there's just a little bit of summer left, minus all or most of the biting insects so it is perfect for exploring uninhibited.   Labor Day weekend is not the best of time to do photography anywhere popular so I will be working on small projects to do with my trailer and going to some obscure places I've been meaning to check out.  Unfortunately work on the actual full build of the trailer will need to wait as adding up the cost of materials has put me over the $800 mark, which is just too much for me to throw down right now, after getting two root canals last month.  I will hopefully have enough material for another video, so watch this space if you're interested.